Amazing benefits of Japanese beverage– Amazake

Have you heard of a Japanese beverage Amazake?

I have never heard of it before I came to Japan. But now I cannot live without it! It is so sweet, delicious, full of nutrients, super beneficial for our body.

So what is Amazake?

Amazake is a traditional Japanese beverage. It means “sweet sake” in English literally, but basically it is very low or non-alcohol.


One of the most popular Amazake you could buy in any supermarket



Amazake is made from fermented rice. Like miso, soy sauce and sake, it has hundreds of years’ history, and it is one of traditional healthy Japanese food.


very beautiful white color, looks like rice milk



What is the benefit of Amazake?

1. Make your skin glow

Amazake has high level of Vitamin B1, which moisturizes your skin and prevents wrinkle forming.


2. Boost your metabolism and LOSE WEIGHT

Amazake is high in B-complex vitamins, which help convert our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day.

B-complex vitamins also have benefit on fat burning, which can help you lose weight.

In addition, calories of Amazake is very low. It is about 81 calories in 100g. As it is sweet, you could feel full by drinking only a little.


3. Keep you regular

Amazake is high in fiber, which helps keep your digestive system running smoothly.

You won’t have a problem with constipation by drinking Amazake every day.

Also, like other fermented foods, it is high in probiotics—so called good bacteria.

They also help improve digestive health.


4. Make your hair glow

It contains biotin, which has been proven to make hair grow faster, thicker and stronger.


5. Recover from stress and fatigue

Amazake is very high of amino acids, which are the source of our protein.

It has been used as a beverage for recovering physical fatigue especially in summer since Edo period.

The pantothenic acid and GABA (another amino acid) in it also have been proved for stress relive.



Amazake is becoming more and more popular among younger generation because of its great benifit on Losing Weight. Instead of extream working out or not eating, people are looking for much healthier ways to lose weight. And amazake is one of the best ways.

In my next blog, I would like to talk about how to drink Amazake to lose weight.

Do you know Japanese green juice –Aojiru?

If you have ever been to healthy food stores or drug stores in Japan, you must have seen these green packages selling on the shelf.


There are so many varieties of them!

What are they?

The answer is Aojiru(青汁) , which means “green drink” or “green juice” in English.

It is a very common Japanese vegetable drink in powdered formula.

If you seeケール on the package, it means it is made from kale.


Kale Aojiru

If you see 大麦若葉on the package, it means it is made from young barley grass.


Young barley grass Aojiru

Today, there are so many Japanese manufactures selling countless kinds of Aojiru. Some of them are 100% made from vegetables, some of them are added with other ingredients, which make them easy to drink.

Which one is worth buying?

Well, I always look for “organic & 100% vegetable ” ones.

Yesterday, I bought this one.


Aojiru made from 100% organic young barley grass


This mark933658455108a1697cb3e94e311af50a is the organic logo certified by JAS system.

And Chinese character “有機” means “organic” as well.

What is inside?


60 small packs



Pure vegetable powder

Really beautiful color, and freshing vegetable flavour! You can tell its high quality from the nice flavour!  I can even put it on a piece of bread and enjoy the pure vegetable powder “seasoning” ( I don’t recommend it, unless you are a big vegetable lover as me!)

How to drink it?

The most simply way is– mix it into water, if you like the pure flavor of vegetable.


Pure Aojiru


Pure Aojiru


Personally, I always mix it into hot or ice milk, and add a spoon of raw honey. Yummy!

(soy milk or almond milk also work well)


Aojiru with soy milk


Sometimes, I blend it with my smoothie. A great way to get enough vitamins and minerals for our body! Once you blend some sweet fruits with it, it will be so yummy!


banana, yogurt and Aojiru


banana, mango and Aojiru

Aojiru is a rich source of certain vitamins and minerals, especially has high levels of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin K, depending on what vegetable it is made from.

It also alkalize our body. 

If you find it is not easy to consume a bunch of leaf vegetable everyday, 1-2 small packs of Aojiru are the excellent healthy choice for you!

You could buy Aojiru online.

Aojiru on Amazon

Aojiru on Rakuten


My favourite running route in Tokyo –Tokyo Imperial Palace (Koukyo)

This morning, I ran 3 rounds around Koukyo, the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Koukyo is a large park-like area located in the center of Tokyo.

It is called “Runners’ Paradise” for years.

It is also one of my favorite running courses in this dense city.

Why did it become runners’ favorite route? Running every Saturday morning for a year, I found it really attractive for runners, no matter you are a beginner or a professional runner.

♥ One round is 5 kilometers. It is easy to work out how long you have been running.

No traffic lights on the whole route. You don’t have to stop while running.


Running route around Koukyo. 1 round is 5 kilometers.

♥ Beautiful nature is all along the road.

   You can feel the historical atmosphere and enjoy running across Hibiya park and several popular spots for seeing sakura and peach blossoms.



Beautiful peach blossom around Koukyo in spring


Where we always get together

hu yaxin_meitu_252

Start Runinng!


♥ You can find restrooms and drinking fountains along the road.


restrooms along the road


♥ Facilities for runners, such as coin lockers and shower rooms are nearby.

Check facilities for runners near Koukyo

♥ Runners are running towards the same direction, with good manners.

Check manners running around Koukyo

♥ Policemen are standing along the road 24 hours all day. It is safe even running at night.


You could see all types of runners from a large range of ages: students, families, amateurs from all kinds of running clubs, professional runners etc.

It is enjoyable running with people who have the same passion with you.


This swan is our friend


If you live in Tokyo and enjoy jogging or running, have a try coming to Kyoko. You will love this beautiful place!

hu yaxin_meitu_25

running record

Where to buy Free Range Eggs in Japan?

I have been asked by friends from western countries that

“Are there free range eggs selling in Japan?” “Where to buy free range eggs?”

The answer is “YES”, and in fact it is very easy to buy free range eggs in Japan.

You can buy free range eggs in Natural food stores, organic food stores, departments. Even some supermarkets are selling free range eggs nowadays.

In Japanese, “free range eggs” is “Hiragai Tamago”or “Houboku tamago”.

Both “Hiragai” and “Houboku” mean “free range”, they are written as 

“平飼い” or “放牧卵”  in Chinese characters.

So if you see “平飼い” or “放牧卵” on the package, they will be free range eggs.



You could buy free range eggs from the following organic shops/ healthy food stores/supermarkets.

♥ Natural House♥ (organic & healthy food store)

Homepage:  Natural House

Check their shops in Japan:  Shop list of Natural House


♥Seijyoishii♥ (Import food supermarket)

Homepage:  Seijoishii

Check their shops in Japan:  Shop list of Seijoishii


♥F&F♥ (Healthy food store mainly located in Tokyo)

Homepage:  F&F

Check their shops in Japan: Shop list of F&F


You could also buy free range eggs online


Buy free range eggs on Amazon



Buy free range eggs on Rakuten


However, currently, there is only one farm providing Organic eggs (certified by organic JAS System)  (JAS = Japanese Agricultural Standard)

It is Kurofuji Egg Farm

Check their organic eggs here

They are about as 10 times expensive as normal eggs. If you could afford that, it is worth a try.


Basically, I always buy free range eggs from Natural House. They are affordable, much more nutritious, healthy and delicious. Also, it is a simple thing we could do to care for our environment.


Free Range eggs in Natural House


My favourite healthy Japanese snack

Today, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite Japanese healthy snacks.

You can see this snack in every supermarket and convenience store. It is so common here in Japan.


What is inside?


There are so many food companies and brands selling this snack. Well, basically they are the same thing.


I had never seen it when I was back in China. And had never seen them in other countries.

What are they??

The answer is small sandwich of Cod and Cheese!

Which means, 2 long thin slices of cod sandwich 1 thick piece of cheese!



Look delicious?

They are awesome!!!

I cannot stop once I start eating them.

I found they were the best snack to serve with beer, wine, or even any kind of liqueur.


They match wine so well!

Moreover, they are very healthy and nutritious. Both cheese and cod are good for our body. They are perfect substitutes for potato chips, French fries, or any other junk food while you are drinking.

There are so many companies and brands selling this snack, but I definitely recommend this gold package one.

It won the gold quality award in Monde Selection from 2007 to 2009. Using the best quality of cheese and cod, I found it would be the top quality and delicious one in Japan.


Gold quality snack with gold Asahi super dry. Yummy!

Ingredient: natural cheese, cod, plant-based protein, salt, vegetable oil, processed starch, Sorbitol, emulsifier, seasoning(amino acid)

Calorie: 127 cal for one pack (35g)



When you come to Japan, you definitely should have a try!

If you like cheese, I am sure you will be surprised at its unique & delicious taste.

I buy a bunch of them every time I go back to China, and it became my mom’s favourite snack!

Greeting from Tokyo

Hello, I am Miao Zou.

I was born and grew up in Beijing, China. I came to Japan in 2011 and have been living here for 5 years.

I am passionate about health diet, organic food, skin care, fitness, outdoor activities, nature, mental & spiritual health.

As a foreigner, I always find something funny, interesting, strange or even weird in Japanese culture, which all bring me a lot of fun and enrich my life.

Living here for 5 years, I found out some little tips enjoying a healthy and happy life as a foreigner.

In this blog, I would like to share my daily life in Japan, such as where to buy organic food, skin care and cosmetics, beautiful nature around Tokyo, common places to do outdoor activities, little tips enjoying a healthy life etc.

This picture is the beautiful Sakura at the beginning of May.